NESD is a self-defense skills training and fitness center specializing in Krav Maga, located in Worcester, MA.

Vanguard Krav Maga is a simple and reality based hand-to-hand combat system.

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Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or a newcomer to the self defense and fitness world, this program is designed for people of all ages, experience, and fitness levels.

Krav Maga doesn’t just teach you to kick and punch a bag, but teaches you how to react when faced with a threat.

We provide a safe training environment where students can truly test the effectiveness of their skills with a "hands-on" approach.

Core-Cardio-Combat is an intense circuit-training workout that combines calisthenics, strengthening, and self-defense drills.

Consisting of 12 or more diverse stations, you will work to improve your endurance, lose weight, and build overall strength. This program is designed for men and women of all fitness levels. The workouts allow you to work at your own pace so they always stay challenging!

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